han castanedo

han castanedo

Below are select samples of recent works. Each one was made with the intent of pushing creative boundaries and learning along the way. I'm always pushing code or pixels, often.


1. Noona’s
2. How I Built This (NPR)
3. Urban Teachers
4. haenyo
5. Up First (NPR)
6. ScratchMade
7. Full Tilt Brewing
8. Foodshed
9. Fat Tiger
10. El Tigre
11. Old Boy


1. Illustrations
2. Sketch Book

Up First (NPR)

Up First Out of Home 

NPR’s Up First is the perfect morning news podcast to make the most out of your morning commute by informing you on the most recent news by the time you arrive at your destination. Our team set out to create campaign targeting Bus Shelters, subway ads and digital screens around various transportation stops around major cities DC, NYC and San Fransisco. The graphics are meant to subtly indicate 15 minutes of time (roughly the length of the show) while incoporating the bright electrifying colors of the brand in the gradient.