han castanedo

han castanedo

Below are select samples of recent works. Each one was made with the intent of pushing creative boundaries and learning along the way. I'm always pushing code or pixels, often.


1. Noona’s
2. How I Built This (NPR)
3. Urban Teachers
4. haenyo
5. Up First (NPR)
6. ScratchMade
7. Full Tilt Brewing
8. Foodshed
9. Fat Tiger
10. El Tigre
11. Old Boy


1. Illustrations
2. Sketch Book


Time-Tested Dishes, Delivered.

Collin Morstein and Irvin Seo expanded their skills in the kitchen beyond their pop-up dinners by creating a meal service with a plethora of options, all made from scratch. We created an identity and design system that drew inspiration from antique Italian and Russian recipe cards. We set out to create something playful and injected with some humor.